ZP Series Rotary Piston Pumps

Ampco Pumps ZP Series rotary piston pumps are the best value in the industry.  Every new Ampco ZP Series pump includes these standard features: 304 stainless steel gear case, stainless splash plate which helps reduce damage to bearings from water intrusion during the wash-down process ( major cause of bearing failure),  stainless bearing retainers, 17-4ph shafts, helical gears, 4-way mounting, threaded grease zerks, anti-microbial lube and gasketed stainless steel clean-out plugs.


The ZP1 is 100% dimensionally and hydraulically interchangeable with the competition.  All ZP1 Series pumps are certified and in conformance with 3A sanitary standards. Some common applications for the ZP1 include bakery, beverages, candy, canned foods, cosmetics, dairy, dressings, flavorings, meats and much more.

With seal modifications like the PTFE double lip seal, the ZP1 can be used for industrial and chemical applications, oil, gas and fracking industries.  The ZP1 offers durability as well as chemical and wear resistance.


ZP1+ O-rings can be changed without disconnecting the pump from the piping system, providing easy maintenance and reduced downtime. The secondary sleeve/spring assembly will seal the pump if the rotors are removed for CIP processing. In addition, ZP1 pumps can be converted to a ZP1+ design during the remanufacturing process at no additional charge. 


Ampco’s  ZP2 Series pumps have been designed with a larger shaft and cleaner rotor nuts than the ZP1 which makes the ZP2 CIP-able. The ZP2 is capable of withstanding pressures of up to 450 PSI and is 3A Certified.


The recently patented front-loading seal design of the ZP3 offers a fully CIP-able pump without modifications or loss of efficiency. The front loading design allows the seal to be easily maintained or changed and the newly designed rotor case eliminates all dead zones. Existing ZP2 and competing models can be upgraded to a ZP3 design with new rotors, seals and re-machining the existing rotor case in as little as 2 weeks.