QTS Series Twin Screw Pumps

Ampco’s QTS Twin Screw pump meets 3A Sanitary Standards, is made of 316L stainless steel, and is fully CIP-able. The QTS is capable of bi-directional flow and speeds up to 3000 rpm allowing this single pump to perform both processing and CIP using the same unit. The QTS moves soft solids delicately, without damaging the product or compromising visual integrity. Capable of reaching high suction rates, the QTS is self-priming and the low NPSH is the perfect solution for tank emptying. The QTS handles up to 60% entrained air reducing cavitation and allowing for constant gentle product flow even at high speeds.

The QTS offers multiple seal options and screw pitch angles for each model. Affordable replacement seals and screws are readily available for quick delivery.

Applications include but are not limited to; ice cream, yogurt, personal care products, abrasive products, chemicals, juice, sauces, butter, toothpaste, mayonnaise, and chocolate.