Installation and Startup

We get you up and running quickly!

Our engineers have installed numerous RO systems all over the world. Unlike some of the bigger corporations, we cut through red tape to make sure your system is up and operating in record time. It doesn't stop with putting the equipment in place - we follow through to make sure the system is functioning correctly:

Instrument Calibration & PLC Programming
We make sure your system is calibrated correctly before we leave the scene. We provides instrument calibration and verification services for all the sensors, probes and instruments used in the systems we install. We also install both Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Allen Bradley Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screens standard on all our systems.
System Documentation
We provide a full operators manual for equipment provided. Purely RO can also assist with all documentation required for a water system validation.
Operator Training
We can train your operators to ensure that your staff knows how to operate the system.